The music videos by these idol groups always share a common theme

Idol groups all have a specific trait or behavior that distinguishes them from other idol groups, and one way they show it is through their music videos.

Most idols have a signature move or facial expression that their fans absolutely love, and these moves are often seen in their music videos as a reoccurring theme.

One user on an online community portal uploaded a collection of idols’ habits they show in music videos, and each group had its own particular habit in at least two different videos.

Check out the list below!

Red Velvet

The uploader noticed that Red Velvet tends to sing with little to no facial expression, and that there is always a scene where one member is suddenly shocked. This habit can be seen in their music videos for “Rookie” and “Russian Roulette”.

Red Velvet – Rookie

Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Block B

Block B’s music videos almost always contain a scene of the members messing up a specific room by throwing or kicking things around, and partying like crazy. Scenes like this can be seen in their music videos for “Yesterday” and “Jackpot”, as well as many more of their music videos.

Block B – Yesterday

Block B – Jackpot


SISTAR are a group associated with health and exercise, as Hyorin and Soyou are both well-known for their healthy workouts and lifestyle choices. In their music videos, their liking for an active lifestyle are also seen quite regularly, especially in their music video for “Shake It” and “I Swear”.

SISTAR – Shake It

SISTAR – I Swear


When 2NE1 had all four members, Minzy’s signature move was always included in their music videos. She would usually have a dance solo where she would get on her knees and bang or roll her head for effect.

2NE1 – I Am The Best

2NE1 – Clap Your Hands

Can you think of any more idols’ music videos that have signature moves or reoccurring themes?

Source: Instiz