Things To Note About BTS’s “Map of the Soul” World Tour Dates

Who’s ready for the tour?

Big Hit Entertainment recently announced the official dates for BTS‘s Map of the Soul world tour for 2020.


The tour starts off in Seoul and ends in Tokyo, but what stands out the most is the fact that more tour dates have been added to the U.S.

Starting off in Santa Clara on April 25, to Chicago on June 6, the group will be spending almost a month and a half of the tour in the states. They will be performing in 9 cities throughout the course of 15 days, revealing that their U.S. portion of the tour has grown three times since their last tour. This proves just how much more popular they have become in the states.


Something else to note is that Toronto has been added to the tour list as well. This will be BTS’s first stadium tour in Canada. During their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour, the U.S. and Canada were put together in the same category, but this time they are seen separately on the tour list.

Rogers Centre in Toronto Canada


Another new country has been added to the list; Spain. On July 17-18, they will be performing in Barcelona. Seeing all these new cities being added to the list only proves just how global BTS is becoming.


One last thing to note about the tour list is the blank space on June 13-14. Fans speculate that it could be a country that has not been seen on the tour list before. Others believe that they could hold a fan meeting in Seoul because these dates happen to be the date they debuted.



Regardless, fans are excited for another chance to see the group live again this year! Who’s buying tickets!