This Third Generation Idol Is Attracting Attention After Hand Making Meals For Fans

Nothing sexier than a man that can cook! 😍

While a group promotes their comeback on a music show, usually, fans can attend live recordings where they can watch the idol perform. Some groups hold after-recording events, where they get even closer to their fans to thank them for coming.

Often, when a group’s stage recording is early or will take a long time, fans will be given snacks or meals to thank them and to make the time go by faster.

Recently, a third-generation idol attracted attention for making fans food with his own hands!

In 2015, VAV made their debut with Under The Moonlight. The group’s current line-up is seven members, and they have been on a bit of a hiatus as the members completed their military service.

VAV | @VAV_official/Twitter

Their long-awaited comeback album Subcönscióus was released on June 12, and the group have been promoting their title track, “Designer.”

Recently, a behind-the-scenes video of St. Van showed the handsome star making the music show meals given to fans!

VAV’s St. Van | @VAV_Official/Twitter

The idol worked hard packing each of the meals as well!

A fan even shared photos of the meal box, thanking the leader for his hard work.

Fans couldn’t help but praise St. Van for his kindness and express a little jealousy that they couldn’t get meals!