The Thirst For NCT Dream’s Handsome Staff Member Is Very Real

NCTzens want to know who the handsome guy is.

NCT Dream has been holding The Dream Show concerts in many places across Asia. While bringing it to Jakarta, Indonesia, fans became excited about something other than the show: one of their staff members.

As fans were waiting in line for the concert, they spotted someone whose good looks had them snapping photos as if he were an idol. Although most of his face was covered by a mask, fans could see enough to determine he was handsome.

With an NCT Dream lanyard around his neck, they knew he was a part of their staff. That didn’t stop Chenle‘s fansite from snapping a couple of photos of him, though. On top of that, they weren’t the only ones.

Even a Jaehyun fansite joined as well, taking a few photos of the handsome staff member as he passed and greeted them.

Once all the photos hit the internet, NCTzens wanted to know who the handsome staff member was, with numerous fans asking about his identity. Although no one found a definite answer, that didn’t stop them from praising his looks.

Since fans had shown such an interest in him, one even joked that marrying their staff members would be the next best thing to an actual NCT Dream member.

Even though he’s not an idol, he’s handsome in his own right. Are you just as eager as NCTzens to find out who he is?