This 10 Year-Old Is So Beautiful Fans Are Worried SM Entertainment Will Abduct Her

SM Entertainment is renowned for recruiting the most amazing of visuals even from a young age.


For this very reason, Jung Won Hee (Olivia Jung) who’s only 10 years old has been pegged as SM Entertainment’s next possible generation’s idol visuals.


Jung Won Hee is a Korean child model who born in 2007.


She has captured the hearts of many with her impressive skills and composure in front of a camera from such a young age.


Her beauty, grace, and established career in the entertainment industry may soon lead her to join SM Entertainment.


Netizens are sure SM Entertainment will want her (given their visual prowess) and will try to sign her before any other company can! 3

Some are even saying her visuals are similar to Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.

We can certainly see the similarities!5

For now, though, she seems content to just be Jung Won Hee, part time model.


Full time happy little girl!


Source: Instiz

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