This 8 Year Old Boy’s Commitment To Homework Will Make You Regret Everything

His determination will inspire you.

8-year-old Qu Sinian is so dedicated to his studies that every day he goes with his mother to a 164-foot-high overpass to study and do his homework.


The reason he has to do this is that his home it too dimly lit for him to be able to do his work.

“Our room has poor lighting. It’s too dark. Our family is too poor. (He) has to come here to do homework, there is no other way.”

— Li Gaoju (Qu Sinian’s mother)

Qu Sinian lives with both his parents in Guiyang, southern China, in a single room.

His father became disabled after a work accident and can only work now by driving a motorbike, earning 1,000 yuan (about $158) per month. Qu Sinian’s mother suffers from a heart condition and cannot help in the family’s income.

Sinian is an A student at his school, despite the difficulties he faces daily in completing his homework. He said he’d like to be a doctor when he grows up.

“That way, I would be able to make money to treat my mum and dad.”

— Qu Sinian

His one and only wish for the new year, however, is to have a desk lamp so he could do his work from home.

Source: Pear Video and Daily Mail