This beautiful Korean girl went viral, and no one even knew her name

This beautiful Korean fitting model went viral online, and no one even knew her name.

In Korea the majority of shopping is done online rather than at physical stores, and there are large numbers of shopping malls. Naturally, competition is fierce among these shopping malls, and beautiful models called “fitting models” are hired to advertise products. One nameless model in particular, had her photos shared online and instantly blew up in popularity. With a beautiful face, long slender legs and the lean, athletic, body of a model, it’s no wonder her photos were shared all over the internet.

This model whose name has not been identified yet has been said to resemble TWICE‘s Dahyun.

Check out photos and gifs of this beautiful Korean fitting model below.

fitting 3
She is looking very elegant and sexy here

Not a classic beauty but she definitely has a look that lures you in…

She’s gorgeous even in formal/casual look

Even a common bathtub turns into a great prop when she’s in the photo

She looks like a porcelain doll here

Even when she’s not dressed up she’s beautiful

Her body is just as amazing as her beauty



Source: Instiz