This Caused G-Dragon To Hide His Face In Embarrassment

A recent event captured BIGBANG’s G-Dragon looking rather embarrassed as soon as his promotional clip played at the big screen. 

The photos and videos were from a recent event for clothing brand, 8 Seconds, in Myeongdong last May 1st. G-Dragon was able to meet with fans and talk to them about the various fashion used in the campaign.

As soon as his latest advertisement was played, however, G-Dragon’s cool and confident nature suddenly changed. Fans noticed his restlessness after seeing himself on the big screen. With the photos, he appeared to be shy and even bowed his head due to embarrassment.

Check out more G-Dragon’s cute and shy demeanor below.

G-Dragon for 8 Seconds

He appeared calm and collected when he first met the public

His confidence disappeared as soon as his CF aired

Shyness: A rare occurrence for G-Dragon

Source: Dispatch