This Experiment Showed What It’s Really Like Searching For Your Ideal Type

Popular Korean Youtube channel Solfa tested the chances of finding someone’s ideal type by conducting a unique experiment.

A male subject started off by sending a selfie asking a room full of women if they would date him, and they all agreed to.

After the initial round, he started to test their personalities by asking the 40 women if they like children.

“Whoever doesn’t like kids, please leave”

Following the first elimination, the women are asked whether they’re more “passive” or “active” at night.

And a few more were eliminated. 

But things really got serious by the end, when started to talk more about appearances.

After saying that he prefers girls who are 160-170 cm and are between 45-55 kg, he received a lot of criticism for his unrealistic expectations.

Overall, the two experiments reveal a lot about people’s expectations and perspective, teaching all those who participated something new.