This Group Was Truly Unhappy When They Were Called As Nominees For First Place On A Music Show

On November 14, MONSTA X wrote the real drama on the stage of SBS MTV’s  The Show With the song “Dramarama”.

MONSTA X ‘s newest song “Dramarama” took the winner’s trophy against Block B and EXID, with an impressive score of 7400 votes.

This marks their long-awaited first win, as Monsta X has been formed on the Mnet’s No Mercy in 2014.

Initially, the members were not too happy when they found out that they were in the nominee to win the first place.

“I was actually not too pleased to know that we were the nominees for the win.

It is because we do not win usually.

Our fans will vote, call and text non stop and be all anxious about it all, only to be disappointed.

It made us really sad to see our fans get so upset, so I was hoping that we would not be the nominees today either.”

— MONSTA X’s Wonho

Source: Instiz

It was an emotional moment, as all seven members took the stage to accept the win and could not even finish the acceptance speech due to the tears.

Fans shared the emotions and tears of joy as they reacted on various social media websites to celebrate.

Check out the emotional first win for MONSTA X here:

Source: Instiz