This Is The Hottest New Hairstyle Trending Among Female Idols

The “Princess haircut” is taking Korea by storm and has become a new favorite among idols!

New and interesting trends emerge every day in the world of K-pop and the latest is the “Princess haircut.” This hairstyle features lengthy side bangs and is usually accompanied with long, straight hair.

GFRIEND‘s Yuju looks gorgeous with the Princess haircut.
She offers a wave for the camera.

It can be worn with or without front bangs and in a number of different ways such as in a ponytail or with short hair.

This time, she tied her hair up in a ponytail.
She really does look just like a princess!

The style is said to come from Japan, where it is a standard characteristic of princesses in anime and manga.

Princess Hairstyle
Ano, from the Japanese idol group You’ll Melt More! shows the hairstyle also works with short hair.

While the style has been popular in Japan, both in media and in reality, the style is recently spreading into Korea too, as some idols have been spotted with the style.

Princess Hairstyle
Hyeri wore the hairstyle without the front bangs.
The hairstyle matches her quite nicely as well!

It seems many idols have taken a liking to the style, and looking at how elegant they look with the style, it’s no wonder they’re being compared to royalty.

Apink’s Bomi was seen sporting this hairstyle as well!
The princess hairstyle is really becoming popular!

Source: DaumCafe