This high school girl went viral for her beauty, here’s what she’s doing now

This girl went viral in 2015 for how beautiful she looked while holding her milk tea and garnered a huge following. Now, only a few years later, her life has already changed drastically.

Zhang Zetian, a high school student at the time the viral photo was taken, was known for her stunning good looks and has since garnered a huge following and it’s not hard to see why.

The famous milk tea girl photo.
Zhang looks positively glowing in this picture.
She has model-like good looks.
Zhang Zetian’s fair skin is complemented by her light outfit.
She looks like an angel.
Gorgeous and classy.

In the two years since Zhang Zetian went viral, she got married to the CEO of Jingdong Mall, Liu Qiangdong…

Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong pose for their wedding photos.

She also got pregnant…

Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian pose for an adorable couple photo.

And she had a beautiful baby.

Zhang looks as stunning as ever with her adorable baby.A lot has changed since she became “The Milk Tea” girl.