BTS can’t stop sending love to their fans

While all idol groups often show their love and gratitude for their fans, male group BTS has never failed to constantly send fan service to their supporters.

BTS undoubtedly had an amazing year and they always take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support, especially their fans. At the 2017 Seoul Music Awards, BTS was able to take home the most awards for the show with an impressive four wins. They were so happy and grateful to have received these awards that they just had to repay their fans back with hearts.

With the love and support from the fans, their album Wings set a new record for the highest and best-selling K-Pop album on the Billboard charts and was also named Billboard’s best K-pop album of 2016“The Wings Tour” recently sold out in minutes with tour spots in various cities in the USA, South America and more.

Jimin took to Twitter and posted a video of himself with the awards while sending a heart to fans and expressing how thankful he was.

V was not shy about sending his fans hearts at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards
While giving their award speech, Jimin was seen throwing hearts to ARMYs. After having such a successful year, they never forget to include their fans in their speeches.
Suga was definitely on cloud nine while receiving these awards and knew to thank the fans for all their support. 
While on the red carpet, Jungkook was seen giving his love out to the fans.