This idol has been kissed by almost every boy in K-Pop

This male idol is so beloved by his peers they just can’t seem to stop kissing him whenever there’s a chance.

After several instances were caught on tape, fans began to notice a trend in MONSTA X’s Jooheon interaction with fellow idols — for some reason they all love to kiss him!

With his sweet personality and handsome good looks, Jooheon appears to have an extremely kissable face. While most of the love seems to come from his fellow members, one of K-Pop’s other known sweethearts also can’t get enough of the group’s rapper.

Check out the clips of everyone kissing MONSTA X’s Jooheon below!


Minhyuk showed fans how close the pair are when he gave Jooheon this sweet kiss on the forehead.

Wonho and Minhyuk

In a double attack, Jooheon was simultaneously hugged by Minhyuk and kissed by Wonho!


GOT7‘s Jackson wasn’t shy about giving his close friend Jooheon kisses on the shoulder!


Fans are all extremely jealous of this moment when I.M planted a kiss right on Jooheon’s face!