This Is How Much Money Idols’ Spend On Their Sound Equipments

Idol in-ears can cost a fortune when it comes to getting the best of the best quality. Idols often customize their headphones to match their personalities, bringing costs up higher. One of the major brands is Soundcat‘s customizable Westone and Ultimate Ears series. These in-ears can cost anywhere from $450 dollars to almost $1,300 dollars – and even more after customization.

iKON – Bobby

Bobby’s customized in-ear pieces are jet black with gold lettering and cost $1000

Price – $1,000

MONSTAX – Jooheon

Jooheon’s ear pieces have glittering gold letters Honey on one side and a cross in the other. His cost $1150

BTOB – Changseob

Changseob’s ear pieces are in the color of his fandom and cost $1300

BTS – Rap Monster

Rap Monster’s ear pieces sport his renowned mix-tape logo and cost $850

BTS – Jhope


J-hope’s ear pieces cost $1350

Soundcat has designed Girls Generation to g.o.d.‘s in-ears, they even have a wall of signatures from artists who have used their product!

Taeyeon, V, and members of Infinite all feature on the wall.