This is how Taeyeon feels about the “finger heart” trend

Finger hearts have been a popular gesture for Korean celebrities and their fans alike. However, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon refuses to follow the trend and has instead been using alternatives instead.

The iconic gesture, done by crossing the thumb and index fingers, has come to be used by celebrities to represent sending your love to fans.

People have noticed that Taeyeon has refused to follow the trend. In particular, many fans who have met her at public events have experienced it firsthand.

In one of her fan signings in the past, a fan asked Taeyeon to do the gesture to send her love. She nervously refused to do the hearts gesture with her fingers but instead showed off some other adorable gestures instead.

In a different event, she was seen fulfilling a fan’s request but did so with a sad expression on her face. The interaction ended with a laugh and a heartfelt hand clasp between the two.

Celebrities such as BIGBANG, Seolhyun and more have notoriously popularised the fan gesture and it has even made its way to international celebrities such as Benedict Cumberbatch during a recent visit.

Definitely no finger hearts from this adorable lady.
Taeyeon has found other, just-as-cute alternatives to show her love.