This Is How The Recording Set Environment Looks Like At The Chinese Produce 101

It’s a sneak peek!

The Chinese version of Produce 101 just released some behind the scenes photos of their upcoming show.


The set is both familiar and different at the same time. Each room gives off a girly-vibe and is well-prepped for all the trainees.


The pretty pinks really seem to pop! There are also dorms that are designed the same but are in a light blue color instead.


The practice rooms look spacious and bright.


The common areas are clean and simple, yet look super relaxing and cozy.


With the flowers on the tables and the eye-catching foliage, even the cafeteria is incredibly pretty!


And the main stage and seating areas are set up just like what we know from Mnet‘s Produce 101!


Since filming has already started for the show, we even get to see some of the trainees, including Cosmic GirlsXuan Yi and Mei Qi!

Yuehua Entertainment trainees in matching red. Mei Qi with blonde hair, 2nd from left. Xuan Yi on the far right.


While we have to wait to actually see the show, we won’t have to wait too long. The show is expected to air starting in April!

Source: Instiz
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