This Is The Difference Between Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Fansites, According To Koreans

They all have their distinct qualities.

Netizens recently discussed the noticeable differences between Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fansites. Have you noticed these characteristics of each different fansite before?


1. Korean Fansites

They pick pretty pictures and edit them prettily. A wide selection of fansites exist and upload their photos on Twitter or on their own websites.


By the way, have you SEEN these Michael B. Jordan pictures taken by a Korean fansite?


Korean fansites who are extremely loyal to their idol are often well-known and appreciated by them.


2. Japanese Fansites

They are known to preserve the natural beauty of the idols, uploading raw photos rather than posting edited versions.

They are pretty much non-existent, though, possibly due to strict rules against filming during concerts, as well as a strong fan culture to enjoy the concert without filming or screaming during the songs.


3. Chinese Fansites

They take 100 photos and upload all 100.

They are known for grabbing all the content and uploading it all to share with their fellow fans. No time to worry about the perfect shot when every shot is perfect for them.


Due to the sheer number of people in China, they are also known for creating huge fanbases known as “Bars” and facilitating huge scale projects for their favorite idol.


It’s clear they all have their own way of expressing their love and admiration. Which type of fansite do you think you would be?

Source: The Qoo
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