The true reason Dispatch will never be able to touch SISTAR

These sets of photos are trending on online Korean communities claiming they reveal the reason Dispatch will never be able to report anything on SISTAR.

Although Korean media outlet Dispatch has revealed countless sets of secret photos featuring top celebrities such as Lee Min HoSuzy, and more, fans claimed that they can never touch popular girl group SISTAR.

Netizens of Korea claim that these sets of photos taken in the past show exactly why SISTAR is beyond Dispatch’s reach.

Dispatch noticed the members of SISTAR sitting in a cafe and began taking snapshots.
When the girls realised they were being captured on camera, instead of shying away they began to pose.
Well almost all of the members…save one.
Hyorin gazed straight into the camera lens with a stare that could put fear into the heart of the bravest person on Earth.

With Hyorin’s charismatic protection and such innocent members, it’s no wonder SISTAR has never had a scandal.

Source: Instiz