TWICE Chaeyoung Is Basically Jeongyeon’s Sasaeng And Here’s Proof

Meet TWICE‘s Chaeyoung, who’s been endearingly dubbed the “ultimate sasaeng” fan for fellow group member Jeongyeon!

The title is obviously a joke because of how close the two members are. Known as the “No Jam” brothers because no one laughs at their “funny” jokes. They’re often lost in their own world.

Like every sasaeng, or “obsessed fan”, she follows Jeongyeon everywhere.

But it’s mostly Chaeyoung who holds onto Jeongyeon like her life depends on it.

And she even gets jealous when their other group members get close to Jeongyeon!

Momo in particular.

Chaeyoung really is obsessed with Jeongyeon.

But it’s not like Jeongyeon is against it at all!

They seem to have a lot of fun together.

So by literal definition, Chaeyoung might qualify as an “obsessed fan” of Jeongyeon, but only in the best way possible!