This is what delicious food in North Korea looks like

With North Korea being a very closed off country, many often wonder what kind of food people eat there.

Blogger Reuben Teo had the chance to share his experience eating North Korea’s delicacies during his stay in the country.

In his post, he revealed that one big similarity between North and South Korea is that kimchi was served at almost every meal. Fish was served about half of the time and eggs were also common.

Fried fish
North Korea’s fried fish / Source: Reuben Teo

They also tried naengmyeon (cold noodles) which is known as a famous dish from the capital of Pyongyang. This dish was even featured in the series Descendant of the Sun. It was suggested to Yoo Si Jin, played by Song Joongki, by his friend who was a North Korean soldier.

Cold Noodles

Pyongyang’s Cold Noodles / Source: Reuben Teo

With the same love for meat as their southern brothers, North Koreans also have their own special North Korean barbecue.


North Korean Barbeque
North Korean’s own version of barbecue / Source: Reuben Teo
North Korea's Sanggyupsal
North Korean’s samgyeopsal / Source: Reuben Teo

He also shared a typical North Korean packed lunch at Samjiyon.

Packed Lunch
North Korean’s packed lunch / Source: Reuben Teo

They also tried a giant group sized fish hot pot with side dishes that looked very similar to South Korean side dishes.


Steamboat with side dishes
North Korea’s hot pot with side dishes / Source: Reuben Teo

Korea separated into North and South Korea in 1945, so it only makes sense that the people of both countries have similar tastes in food.