This is what rookie girl group members really think about Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is hugely popular among the public, but she also has quite a bit of fans among other members of the K-Pop industry as well.

Various girl group members have been caught showing their love for Taeyeon. Despite being celebrities themselves, Taeyeon’s fangirls couldn’t hide their excitement when they see or hear about their favorite singer.

From receiving a copy of her latest album, singing along to her song, or even meeting her in real life, these girls proved that they were huge fans of the Taeyeon!

Red Velvet

All of the members of Red Velvet are known for being huge fans of Taeyeon. They even went to support Taeyeon backstage at SBS music show Inkigayo on Yeri‘s birthday!

Taeyeon gave Red Velvet copies of her latest album! Source: Twitter

The group always makes sure to tune into Taeyeon’s songs.

During one live broadcast, members Wendy and Yeri began shouting in excitement when they saw Taeyeon.

Cosmic Girls

During a Cosmic Girls fan sign, one fan gave member Luda an copy of Taeyeon’s latest album, as well as a poster. Upon receiving the gift, Luda showed off a huge grin and was seen holding up the poster and subsequently flipping through the album to admire the beautiful photos.

Luda is holding up Taeyeon’s poster with a huge smile on her face. Source: Instiz

Luda and Yeonjung are looking through Taeyeon’s album.

When a fan asked Yeonjung who she wanted to sing a duet with, she named Taeyeon, and even added that she wanted to sing a ballad.

Yeonjung responded to a fan’s question with Taeyeon! Source: Twitter


The TWICE members were caught several times fangirling over Taeyeon! When Taeyeon’s latest song began playing, all the members sang along. They even knew all the lyrics!

Member Nayeon, who’s known as the biggest Taeyeon fan among the group, was even seen holding a copy Taeyeon’s album.


Nayeon is holding onto Taeyeon’s album. Source: Twitter

Taeyeon seems to be a fan of the girls as well as she posted videos of herself dancing to TWICE’s “TT” on Instagram. She was also seen dancing to “Knock Knock” during the encore stage on Music Bank.


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo recently thanked Taeyeon for giving her a signed album. Jisoo seems to love the gift as she mentioned it during her live broadcast.

PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung

When Taeyeon began releasing a highlight every day for her new album, Kyulkyung claimed she was waiting patiently every day for it.

On a radio broadcast with I.O.I, Kyulkyung began singing to Taeyeon’s “Can You Hear Me” and explained that she was a huge Taeyeon fan.