This Japanese Jewellery Thief Has The Slowest Getaway Ever

It’s a well-known saying that you can’t outrun the law, but when this suspected jewelry thief was spotted by the police, he didn’t even try to.

On May 23, a man attempted to break into a jewelry store in Japan’s northern city of Sapporo, police were quick to the scene and began chasing the man down in order arrest him.

As the man began to flee the policemen, passersby started to film the thief attempt to get away. While they were no doubt hoping to see an exciting, high-speed chase through the dense streets of Japan, what they actually got was more of a light stroll than a police chase.

As the man gets away from the officer, he tries to dash across the road and into a subway station, but he is seen slowly jogging away rather than sprinting towards his escape. As a result, the police officer easily catches up and eventually arrests the man.

Check out the ridiculous chase below!