This Korean Actor has the same vibe as Hollywood’s Ezra Miller

These two actors might be from different worlds, but they have more similarities than first thought.

Kim Jaewook and Ezra Miller fans may have never expected that these two actors would be mentioned in the same sentence. However, it seems that these two top actors have one very interesting thing in common.

These two actors have a very surprising similarity in their acting style. If Kim Jaewook and Ezra switched roles, it would be hard to decide which of the two played it better.

Kim Jaewook played a power hungry serial killer in the recent K-Drama Voice, in which he sent shivers down the spines of the show’s audience, while Ezra Miller’s role in the 2011 film We Need To Talk About Kevin was so creepy, that it was impossible to not feel uncomfortable. When watching these two, you will get goosebumps!

The two both seem to excel at the same kind of role, and both characters have a chilling aura. There’s no doubt that when watching either of these two, you’ll get goosebumps!

Ezra’s character was very relaxed during this moment, despite knowing he’ll be arrested for murder.

Kim Jaewook’s character has a very confident and careless attitude as well.


Ezra’s acting is so sinister.

Kim Jaewook would scare even the toughest person with this cold acting.