This Korean Baby Is Quickly Becoming The Newest Internet Star After Being In An Interview For 5 Seconds

What a cutie-pie!

France made a video series for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics that shows the adventures of host Rodolphe Gaudin in South Korea. France TV Sport posted a short 43-second video clip to introduce the series, but 5 seconds of the clip has captured the hearts of internet users.


The video starts off by highlighting some of Korea’s beautiful scenery.


Then our mouth’s start watering because of the shots featuring delicious food.


The host also tries his hand at Taekwondo.


And he joins in the fun for some karaoke.


Then the clip moves on to one of the main highlights of the series, EXO!


Even though EXO captured viewers’ attention there is one person who is absolutely stealing the spotlight. That person is an adorable Korean baby!


Netizens have fallen in love with this cutie and, honestly, we can’t blame them!

  • “It’s urgent…I need to see it all now!”

  • “Ah too cute.”

  • “That smile…so adorable!”

  • “I can’t stop watching it.”

  • “I’m in love!”

  • “It’s way too cute.”

  • “This clip feels very healing.”

  • “Ah, my heart!”


Watch the full video trailer below and fall in love with the adorable sweetheart all over again!

Source: @francetvsport and instiz
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