This Korean Celebrity Completely Changed Her Life After Losing 53 kg

Comedian Kwon Mi Jin is receiving a lot of attention for her new body image after losing 53kg (~117lbs).

Kwon Mi Jin used to weigh 103kg (~230lbs) before her drastic weight loss.

She was often ridiculed for her heavier figure, so she decided to change her life around.

Through extensive diet control and consistent exercise, Mi Jin was able to shed 53kg!

She, along with her Gag Concert colleagues had launched a “Weight Loss Program ‘Health-Girl’ Segment”.

And she was able to drastically change her image by succeeding in her diet.

Almost all of the participants changed their lives by completing their mission for a healthier lifestyle.

But Kwon Mi Jin lost the most weight by shedding basically half of her previous body type!

Since then, she’s found the courage to feature in sexy photoshoots for famous magazines.

Even after her drastic weight loss, she’s maintained her figure through healthy meal plans and consistent exercise.

Netizens applauded her for her determination and efforts that she continues on to this day.

She became a true inspiration for many to look beyond their old habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

Source: Insight