This Korean dog does something you’ve never seen before

A clip of a dog running around with a makeshift cane is the best thing you’ll see today. Guaranteed.

동물농장 강아지 레젼드 | 인스티즈

A clip from the SBS show Animal Farm shows a dog who enjoys running around with what seems to be a cane (which is actually a back-scratcher) is making viewers gush over how adorable the animal is. But don’t worry, he’s not hurt! According to the dog’s owner, he one day started to walk around while holding on to the stick and has been doing it ever since. Not only that, he now refuses to stop and even his pups are starting to imitate him!

Check out the hilarious clip:

동물농장 강아지 레젼드 | 인스티즈

Source: Instiz