This Korean Man Makes Almost $100,000 A Month Selling Four Leaf Clovers

So it’s true, four-leaf clovers ARE good luck!

Four-leaf clovers are said to bring good luck to the finders and this Korean man makes $100,000 per month by growing them in his greenhouse!


Mr. Hong In Heon appeared on Daedongyeojido, an informational Korean TV program, and shared how he started a business of growing four-leaf clovers.

He stated the four leaf clovers bring him about $100K a month in profit!


Hong In Heon has a greenhouse full of four-leaf clovers. If the temperature is kept warm, the four-leaf clovers can be grown and harvested year round!

The show host took a look inside the greenhouse.


Inside the greenhouse, there are heaps of four-leaf clovers growing!

If it’s big enough and has four leaves, the clover can be hand-picked!


The special thing about Hong In Heon’s four-leaf clovers is that they are edible! His edible clovers are sold to cafes and restaurants all over Korea.


The clovers are used as edible decorations on coffee menus and meals.


Hong In Heon sells his four-leaf clovers in packs of 500, that cost around $150 or more. He sells about 10,000 clovers a day.


Hong In Heon stated, “I have been in the floricultural business for over 20 years, but I wasn’t making a lot of money. I realized I needed something different and special. So I chose four-leaf clovers since everyone loves them.”

He also found inspiration from the vegetables at the market. So he chose a natural, genetic-modification-free way to grow his edible clovers. After 9 years of research and trial, Hong In Heon became a successful four leaf clover farmer!


So it seems Hong In Heon’s four-leaf clovers aren’t simply good luck; they budded from his determination and hard work to bring him money.

Source: Dispatch