This Korean store created the perfect solution for introverted shoppers

An innovative cosmetics store developed a simple technique to provide their customers with a pleasant shopping experience.

Innisfree is the first cosmetics store based in Korea to use all-natural ingredients. Some locations feature green and orange color-coded baskets. These handy baskets let employees know which customers need assistance.

The green baskets carry labels that read, “I can do myself.” Those who are just browsing or would not like to be approached can choose this color.

The orange baskets carry labels that read, “I need help.” This lets store employees know that these customers do not mind being helped.

Korean beauty standards are unrealistically high and this pressure to fit into Korean beauty standards has no doubt made its way into cosmetics stores. For every customer, there are an estimated three employees that “hover” over them as they shop. Understandably, some consider the extra attention suffocating. But with the addition of these color-coded baskets, they can find relief.

Store baskets.
Source: Imgur