This Korean Tutor Motivated His Students By Buying Them Prostitutes

He didn’t even teach them anything, just gave them motivation.

MBN’s Shocking Real Life Stories recently told the story of a tutor who brought the grades of his pupils up by promising to bring them to a brothel.

The students called the tutor’s room “Balhae” because the tutor would bring them to a place called “Balhae” if they got their grades up.

To be able to go to “Balhae”, they stamped a contract promising they would never reveal what happens during “class”. “Class” was always held in secret, with the curtains closed.

The 30-year-old man, known to the public as Mr. Park, didn’t even teach the students during their tutoring sessions. They spent time playing Korean gambling card games, and yet their grades got better.

The students’ grades only got better so that they could go to “Balhae”. “Balhae” was in fact, a place to solicit prostitution.

When they arrived to “Balhae”, the student with the highest grades got to pick a room first and they continued to pick rooms from the highest grade to the lowest, and of course, there were beautiful women waiting inside.

The tutor was subsequently sentenced to prison for 10 months.

Source: Dispatch