This K-Pop Artist Did 24 Years Ago What Chanel Is Doing Now

He’s a trendsetter!

Singer-producer J. Y. Park (aka Park Jin Young) is a man of many accomplishments. In addition to founding one of K-Pop’s most prominent entertainment companies, he has made a splash in the fashion industry.


Back in 1994, JYP modeled a pair of truly cringe-worthy plastic pants during his “Don’t Leave Me” promotions.

The transparent pants seem to serve no purpose aside from shielding the wearer’s legs from the rain. Other uses may include traumatizing children or burning retinas.


No one, absolutely no one, would buy these clear clothes… would they?


Chanel seems to think so! This high-end brand presented their line of clear, vinyl wear at the 2017 Paris Fashion Week.


The PVC items are part of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection.

Ready to wear… to where?


Chanel isn’t the only one jumping on JYP’s trend. This clear Celine bag sells for $590 USD!


But don’t worry! Fans on a budget can find the JYP look at Topshop. 


Topshop’s polyurethane Moto Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans are usually priced at around $75.


But these JYP-style ‘jeans’ are currently on sale for a fraction of their original list price!


Back in 1994, critics called JYP a “fashion terrorist”, but it turns out he was just way ahead of his time!


JYP brought the legendary pants back for his music video, Still Alive.