This Looks Like A Doll But It’s Actually A Real Person

This is Dilaila, and she’s gained lots of attention online for her resemblance to a Barbie Doll.

She comes in peace / Weibo

With her slim figure, exaggerated eyes, and sharp jaw, her body proportions are unbelievable.

A winter edition Barbie come to life / Weibo

Alarmed by her appearance, many shamed her for receiving excessive surgery to achieve this look.

Ready for display in a department store / Weibo

Dilaila is not, however, as plastic as the figurine she admires.

Before and after / Weibo

She has a fear of knives and has never received surgery – it’s all just photo editing.

Frozen in time / Weibo

Many continue to shame her for surgery, but she insists she hasn’t gone under the knife.

As Chinese model and actress, Dilaila has featured in a Barbie exhibition held by D2C Mall.

mall Barbie / Sina

Without heavy makeup and filters, Dilaila looks like the average woman.

even Barbie has a lazy day / Weibo

This woman solely raised awareness of the power of editing!

Check out a few more of her amazing photos below!

Source: Dispatch and Sina