This Love Story Between A Singaporean Uber Driver and His Customer Sounds Just Like A K-Drama

A part-time Uber driver in Singapore shared his epic love story of meeting the woman of his dreams through his job.

Dylan was a real estate agent and part-time Uber driver in Singapore when he met a beautiful customer on her way to the airport.

Image Source: NY Times

Her name was Dora, and he thought she was so beautiful that he plucked up the courage to talk to her.

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They talked about her job, to which she revealed she was a flight attendant, as well as other general, friendly topics.

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After dropping Dora off, Dylan couldn’t stop thinking about her, so he began scouring the Internet to find her.

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Within just two days, Dylan found Dora through friends of friends, and when he asked her if she remembered him, she said she did!

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The two are now a beautiful couple with a love brought by fate.

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