This Male College Student’s Girlfriend Is Taking Advantage Of Him But He’s Still Madly In Love

It’s obvious what she’s doing but he’s still madly in love with her.

The story of a Korean college student and his girlfriend has the internet in shock over his dedication.


On an episode of Hello Counselor, a Korean college student shared that he has only met his girlfriend 5 times in their 200-day relationship!


She’s used various reasons to get out of seeing him. From “I didn’t wash my hair”…


…to “I don’t have any clothes,” the poor college student has heard every excuse in the book.


When they do finally meet, she keeps asking him to buy her stuff.


In the 5 times they have met, the poor college student has used over 1 million KRW (approx. $920 USD) on gifts for his girlfriend!


This doesn’t include the gifts he often sends her in the mail.


Nor the spending money that she constantly asks for.


The last time he saw his girlfriend was 2 months ago.


Despite all of this, he still loves her.


Props on your perseverance, sir.


Source: Bada, BNT and Kyeongin Ilbo