This Male Idol Is So Hot He Even Has Male Fans Going Crazy For Him

Male fans are wooing this boy group member at every music show!

SF9‘s Rowoon has a devoted fan base, with these male fans being one of his strongest support system! A video of his male fans confessing their love to Rowoon has gone viral and everyone simply loves the intensity and pure dedication.

A YouTuber uploaded a compilation of reactions from SF9 Rowoon’s male fans who show up to all of Rowoon’s TV program schedules.


The fans gather and shout, “Rowoon, we love you!”

“Seokwoo, you’re looking gorgeous today! You’re so sexy!”
— Male fans


Rowoon always cracks up at the male fans who aren’t shy to show their love.


Sometimes, the fans get really into it and confess their love loud and proud.

“It’s been three years and I finally get to see you!”

“Rowoon, I love you!!! I’m so grateful to be able to see you!!!”


Hear them roar for Rowoon here: