This Man Spends $800 A Month To Look Like A Human Ken Doll

Is there such a thing as too much plastic surgery? This man says no…

Jonny “Ken Doll” Dylan has spent a lot of money on trying to look like a Ken doll, and he’s probably going to spend a lot more.


Raised in Hong Kong but currently living in Vancouver, the 27-year-old wants to look like Mattel’s Ken doll, famous for being the Barbie doll’s male counterpart.


In order to achieve this goal, he spends $800 per month on getting a fake tan, manicuring his nails, applying contouring making, and purchasing colored contacts. That’s to say nothing of the Botox and lip injections he’s already gotten, or the nose job he’s currently considering.


Those lips of his have actually gotten so big, he can’t properly close his mouth.


Jonny’s not deterred though – he’s trying to find a doctor who will agree to give him even more lip filler injections. So far, they’ve all said further lip procedures will be too dangerous, but he hasn’t given up yet!


His boyfriend Joel is not a fan, saying that things are getting a bit extreme, and worrying that Jonny might not know when to quit. When one considers how Jonny used to look, maybe Joel has a point?


Jonny knows some people think he’s gone overboard with his look, but he doesn’t care.

“I don’t care how they look and they shouldn’t care how I look. It’s my life and I’m allowed to live it the way I want to.” – Johnny “Ken Doll” Dylan


What do you think? Is Jonny right? or is he going too far in his attempts to achieve the look of his dreams?

Source: Barcroft TV