Marvel is filming their new superhero movie in South Korea

Korea’s second biggest city, Busan, is set to make an appearance in the upcoming Marvel superhero movie Black Panther.

Following the character’s film debut in the hit film Captain America: Civil War, work has begun on Black Panther‘s first solo movie and will feature scenes in the Korean port city of Busan. In the scene, a huge car chase breaks out between the Black Panther and the movie’s villain. Both cruise the streets of Busan and battle it out in this intense shot. 

Captain America: Civil War
The Black Panther will travel to South Korea to battle his nemesis in his first solo movie.                       Source: FILMFRAME/MARVEL


The chase will feature helicopters, more than 150 cars, and around 700 people. Many of Busan’s most famous landmarks including Gwangalli Beach, Gwangan Bridge, and the Jagalchi fish market will become backdrops for the action sequences.

Gwangalli beach, a popular tourist spot in Busan, is set to feature in the 2018 Marvel movie.

The movie follows T’Challa, king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, who assumes the role of the Black Panther in order to protect his country from any threats. The movie is scheduled for release in February 2018.

Marvel has been quite fond of South Korea recently, with scenes from Seoul appearing in 2015’s Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Recently, the South Korean capital even became the focus of an entire issue of the Marvel Civil War 2 comic book series.

Source: Variety