This Model Looked So Much Like BTS Jimin, Fans Were Sure He Was Jimin’s Brother

A Korean Instagram model has captured the hearts of ARMYs after being mistaken for BTS Jimin‘s little brother.

The handsome clothing model, Dong Joon, has been gaining attention for his resemblance to BTS’s Jimin. Many mistook him for Jimin’s brother and have been praising him for his good looks.

Dong Joon models for an online clothing shop TO.ID, and most of his posts are fashion related. Although he doesn’t post photos of face often, many fans claim that the photos that do show his face clearly resemble Jimin. After photos of him began circulating online, rumors began to spread that he was Jimin’s brother.

In reality, Jimin does have a little brother named Jihyun. While Jihyun has been spotted with Jimin in the background of BTS videos in the past, he has kept a relatiely low profile.

Since fans initially discovered Dong Joon, most have come to realize that he isn’t Jimin’s brother. However, some fans are still enamored with resemblance to Jimin and have become fans of Dong Joon.

See why fans are falling for this model: