This pre-debut group is already winning fans with their talent

Although they have yet to debut, rookie group already making a name for themselves with their amazing cover performances.

A.C.E is a 5 member pre-debut boy group under the company Beat Interactive consisting of the members Jun, Jason, Wow, Dong Hoon, and Chan. 

The group has been gaining fans through their vocal and dance covers, and although the moves are done perfectly, they definitely bring their own style to each song.

Recently, A.C.E performed a dance cover of BTS‘s “Not Today,” then later sang “You’re Pretty The Way You Are” by Tako and J Hyung. After seeing the group radiating with confidence while performing in front of a large crowd, many fans are anticipating their debut.

The group is also extremely active on social media, where they post their covers and interact with their fans. Despite still preparing for their debut, many people are quickly falling in love!

All 5 members adorably posing together!
The group’s leader, Jun, pictured on the left, has been praised for his stunning visuals and striking smile.

Check out some more of their covers below!