This Sake Pillow Will Make You Look Like You’re Passed Out Drunk

The pillow might be soft enough to send you straight off to sleep while prominently displaying your strong sense of humor as well.

The sake pillow, also known as the Ishobin pillow, is soft and comfy to lay on when the user needs to rest on something when drunk. The soft 1.8-liter bottle of sake pillow can make those terrible migraines bearable by serving as neck support for its owner.

What’s also interesting about the sake pillow is that it’ll make you look like you did pass out drunk even if you haven’t had any alcohol at all. The Village Vanguard shop has several of these pillows available, and people can buy them for 2,700 yen (~$24 USD).

Whether as a useful item or just as a joke, the sake pillow has become quite a hit with consumers.

Check out the photos below of the sake pillow!

SourceVillage Vanguard