This Shy Japanese Teacher Lives A Secret Double Life As One of the World’s Best Breakdancers

After hearing what this Japanese woman does in her spare time, you’ll definitely want to have her as your teacher.

Ayumi Fukushima is a kindergarten teacher by day but, after work, she transforms into a badass b-girl with a completely different persona. 

Her fierce moves have set her apart from other b-girls, and her competitive attitude in dancing is the complete opposite of her shy personality as an educator.

Fukushima’s expert skills are even giving the best b-boys a run for their money.

She is the first female to be invited to join the 1V1 battle at the international break-dancing Battle of the Year and will be a dance coach at the 2018 Youth Olympics.

In a recent interview, Fukushima shared that dancing helped her open up and overcome her shyness, as well as help her become a better teacher.

“…before the dancing, I couldn’t talk in front of people. It helps me change my personality.”

— Ayumi Fukushima

Check out Fukushima’s awesome dancing below!