This video clip reveals the difference between a K-Pop trainee with experience on “Produce 101” and a trainee without

Although popular Mnet survival show Produce 101 received a lot of criticism, there’s no denying that idols who participated in the show gained incredibly valuable experience. 

In fact, after seeing a video of girl group Gugudan, which features members who went through Produce 101 as well as members who didn’t, viewers claimed that the difference between the members were as clear as day. While the girls were participating in a recent broadcast Kim Sejeong (who is also part of Produce 101 group I.O.I) can be seen pointing out where the camera is to fellow group member Mimi, who appeared to be a bit oblivious as to where to look. After seeing a clip from the broadcast, fans were convinced that her experience on Produce 101 really helped her become a professional in a short amount of time.


Source: Instiz
Check out the music video for Gugudan’s debut song “Wonderland” below: