This Video Proves T.O.P. Is Big Bang’s Best Dancer

There’s a running joke that T.O.P is the group’s best dancer and these videos of him prove it’s absolutely true!

T.O.P. has shown his dance skills in the past (at concerts and fan meets) and his dancing has become a joke that is often talked about among VIPs. Indeed, one of T.O.P’s many charms is that he isn’t afraid to embarrass himself a little for the sake of a good laugh.

As part of Big Bang‘s latest comeback promotions, the group made an appearance on MBC‘s popular television program, Infinite Challenge. T.O.P participated in a hilarious dance-off and proved to the world why he is Big Bang’s best dancer.

Check out the dance off and other hilarious videos of T.O.P.’s dancing below!

Well, that certainly is ONE way to dance!

Who knows, maybe we’ll see T.O.P’s dance moves catch on!


T.O.P isn’t only a talented rapper, but he can also hilariously execute the Scorpion Dance move.

T.O.P dances to “Good Boy” and it’s absolutely hilarious!