Thomas Brodie One Shots Soju For The First Time And Everyone Loved It 

He’s no stranger to soju.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster accidentally revealed his skill in drinking soju in a recent viral clip.

He was recently in Korea with Dylan O’Brien and Kihong Lee to promote the third and final installment of their movie, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, with Youtuber, Josh (Korean Englishman).

Josh decided to treat the cast members with authentic Korean meals such as pork belly and soju.

“It’s my second time in Korea and I’ve had Korean food before.

So I do know it’s very nice.”

-Thomas Brodie-Sangster

The most interesting bit was how Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who is from England, enjoyed the alcoholic drink as much as Koreans do.

And when Josh asked for a second toast, everyone was surprised because Thomas had already finished his shot while the others had only taken a sip. He was obviously going for the killer one-shot technique!

The reaction from viewers was epic – earning him a lot of love from his Korean fans!

Many even commented how this unconventional interview was more entertaining than the regular press promotions that cast members did.

You can watch the full clip below: