This Thoughtful Moment Between EXID’s Hani And TWICE’s Mina & Sana Has Resurfaced Putting Netizens Right In Their Feels

Hani made sure to take care of TWICE.

When female K-Pop idols appear in public they often are wearing very short shorts, dresses, or skirts in order to show off their gorgeous legs, but when they go to sit down that length becomes a problem. For this reason, variety shows and awards ceremonies often provide them with cushions, blankets, etc in order to keep them covered up and comfortable.

When TWICE‘s Mina and Sana sat next to EXID during the 2016 Gayo Daejun, as soon as Hani realized that they didn’t have cushions to cover their legs, she did something about it.

Her members looked on in approval as Hani helped her juniors out, and Hani’s accomplished smile after handing the girls the pillow is enough to melt your heart.