Thoughtful Queen Soyou Chooses Her Fandom Name and Makes Sure International Fans Understand Why

Soyou really cares about her international fans.

Soyou went on V LIVE on April 18 to announce the name of her fan club, and what she did for international fans was so special!

After choosing her fan club name through a vote and explaining its meaning in Korean, Soyou also wanted to explain what it meant to foreign fans who might not speak Korean.

Soyou reading the meanings of both of the two “finalist” fanclub name candidates.

Since she can’t speak English very well she typed the message into a translation app and played it for the English-speaking fans not once, but four times.

Soyou playing the English translation from an app on her phone.

After playing the English version, Soyou realized from the comments that her Chinese, Japanese, and Thai fans also needed a translation, so she entered those languages in the app as well.

Soyou holding up the card of the winning fanclub name.

Although she realized that the English and Thai translations were a little off – translation apps can rarely get it right – she did her best to make sure all of her international fans were included.

The name that fans ultimately chose is 유일 or “you-il“. It takes the “you” from her name, Soyou, and “il” which means “one” in Korean. The meaning, in short, is that Soyou is the only one for her fans and that in their hearts, she’s always #1!


Source: V LIVE
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