Three Facial Quirks That Make Idols Irresistibly Cute

Netizens prove their sharp eyes again by identifying three special facial quirks that make idols adorably cute.

Shared onto the online forum Instiz, the idols in this collection share one of three subtle yet unique facial features that are not generally common in the population.

Check out some compiled images of the top stars here:

1. Tear Mole

Lee Jong Suk:

lee jong suk1

lee jong suk2

lee song suk 3


sohee 1

sohee 2

sohee 3


ljoe 1

ljoe 2

ljoe 3

Seo In Guk:

seo in guk 1

seo in guk 2

seo in guk 3

2. Nose Cleft

Park Shin Hye:

park shin hye 1

park shin hye 2

Nam Woohyun:

nam woohyun 2

nam woohyun 3

nam woohyun

Park Bo Geum:

park bo geum 1

park bo geum 2

park bo geum 3


ukown 1

ukown 2

ukwon 3

3. Indian Dimples


solji 1

solji 2

Park Seo Jun:

ark seo jun 1

park seo jun 2

park seo jun 3

Honey Lee:

honey le 2

honey lee 1

honey lee 3

Kim Soo Hyun:


kim soo hyun 1

Park Yoochun:

park yoochun

Source: Instiz