Three Out Of Five 4MINUTE Members Got Together To Celebrate 4Minute’s 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary, 4MINUTE!

On June 18, former 4MINUTE members Jiyoon, Gayoon, and Sohyun celebrated the 10th anniversary of 4MINUTE’s debut. It was a small affair with a small cake, but 4Nia appreciated seeing these girls together to celebrate the birth of one of the most iconic girl groups K-Pop has ever seen.

Before it’s midnight!

After filming hastily~ We had a simple but enjoyable 10th Year Anniversary party thanks to our team leader and our manager who prepared this surprise cake 😍😍


Due to scheduling conflicts we couldn’t celebrate all together, but!! We’re thankful that we can get together regularly 😊

Once again, thank you 🙏

– from Sohyun’s Instagram: @kkwonsso_94

4MINUTE debuted with “Hot Issue” on M Countdown on June 18, 2009 and has since taken the K-Pop world by storm with hits after hits all the way up until their final group release “Hate” in 2016.

As of yet, neither Hyuna nor Jihyun have commented on 4Minute’s 10th Anniversary, but according to Sohyun the girls meet up regularly, so they may meet once more as a full group once their schedules match.