These Are The Three Names ITZY Could Have Debuted With

Can you guess what they are?

JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, ITZY, is taking the K-Pop world by storm with their latest release “ICY.”

With their distinct sound and image, ITZY is carving a name for themselves in history.

But did you know that ITZY was almost named something else?

On SBS POWER GM Cultwo Show, the girls revealed the three other names that were considered for their group. The company wanted their name to reflect their “girl crush” image.

As such, the shortlist included Purple Heart, Triggle, and Queendom.

They further explained the name Triggle, saying it stood for the words “trigger” and “giggle.”

People began wondering how their company chose these names.

Fans were quick to remember that JYP almost called Stray Kids “Trigger.”

It was as if JYP wanted them to be like twins.

MIDZYs were just thankful that the final name ended up being ITZY!