Here Are Three Main Points To Look Out For In Kai’s New Mini Album “Rover”

Fans have been waiting a long time for his return!

“World-class” EXO’s Kai is finally returning after a year and four months with his third mini album, Rover. Fans have been anxiously awaiting his comeback, so here are three main points we can look out for in this new album!


1. Another style of Kai’s music

Unlike Kai’s two mini albums, which showed music centered around a groovy R&B genre, this album contains various genres such as dance, hip-hop, R&B, and pop. In particular, the title track, “Rover,” is a rhythmical dance genre song with a heavy 808 bass, marimba, bells, and various percussion sounds. In addition, the b-side tracks will include “Black Mirror,” “Slidin,” “Bomba,” “Say You Love Me,” and “Sinner” for a total of six tracks.


2. A different “wild hip” performance

This title track “Rover” performance has been created with the keyword ‘wanderer,’ which showcases a mixture of strong and soft emotions. A hot response is expected as the point choreography will emulate the motion of starting an engine, giving off a ‘wild hip’ concept.

From his first solo album title track, “Mmmh,” which showcased a restrained sexiness, to his second mini album title track, “Peaches,” which expressed a sweet vibe, fans are excited to see what he will bring with his new “Rover” performance.

In addition, he will release a FILM : KAI video, which contains the performance highlights of the songs in this album, allowing fans to enjoy the charms of Kai, a world-class performer.


3. Unique Kai Style visuals

Before the album’s release, Kai released teaser content that linked to the keyword ‘wanderer’ and his EXO superpower of transportation, drawing attention by showing conceptual visuals using mysterious spiral spaces, wing objects, and chroma key backgrounds.

In addition, Kai is an artist with an excellent fashion sense and style and is expected to actively participate in the album’s costume concept and styling by presenting ideas directly, adding more of his personality to the album.


Be sure to keep a look out for his new album release on March 13!!

Source: chosun


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